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adidas sneakers black 2019 adidas’ pinnacle running shoe model features a full-length 100% BOOST midsole for a soft, super responsive ride that makes running feel effortless. The Ultra Boost 4.0 features an update to the Primeknit upper, taking on a similar design to that of the 1.0 released in 2015. Primeknit, paired with the three-stripe cage and external heel-counter gives you a lock-down fit while still moving with your foot as you move through the gait cycle.

adidas sneakers for girls The ventilation holes of the original Ultra BOOST have returned across the foot’s key sweat zones – the cage and forefoot, bringing back one of the most cherished design elements of this heralded collection. Combining this with a newly developed PrimeKnit composition, designed for reduced stretch to provide runners with a prime fit and additional support, the UltraBOOST is a truly unique proposition.

adidas sneakers mens white Each year, adidas unveils the newest evolution of the Ultra Boost. What started as a high-performance silhouette quickly made the transition into the lifestyle arena. It’s not only popular with athletes but a staple addition to any hype beast’s wardrobe.

adidas ultra boost 4.0 blue Lean into your stride, keep pushing forward and don’t let up until you cross the finish line. These men’s neutral running shoes harness the energy-returning power of Boost cushioning to deliver an energised push-off with each footstrike. All style cues stay true to the original including the synthetic lace cage and heel overlay. These compliment in the same tonal shade of grey.

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